Unfortunately our L2 partner has gracefully decided to cease manufacturing operations. This product series availability is dependent on stock. Please contact your designated Project Support member for more information, or zteam@zaneen.com.

A range of pendant,ceiling and wall fixtures that features an ‘underground’ style. The colour schemes are decidedly unexpected and almost strident, inspired by urban tribalism.

The bold finishes and the utilisation of natural drawn steel are reminiscent of the outskirts of large metropolitan cities, where metallic hues interact with the bright colours of graffiti. Their bold personality is further enhanced by the choice of bright colours such as day-glo green and magenta which, through light, illuminate the environment with pleasant reflexes.

The lamp bodies are individual but can be connected if necessary by means of thin plates, which allow to create interesting lighting ambiances in the contracting field. The UDG range is particularly suitable for accent lighting of public establishments and spaces, and it features a wide range of sources and accessories, which widen their application to a variety of settings such as retailing, hotels and restaurants and residential applications.

The lamp body is built in order to enable adjustment of each individual lamp by means of a cardanic system, which allows tilting by 45° on the vertical axis and 30° on the horizontal one. A further slide device also allows to move back the lamp body to prevent any glaring effect.

LED versions utilize dedicated cards with power up to 1.87W for each diode. This has involved special care in designing the heat dissipation system and the PCB control electronics, thus obtaining a product with excellent lighting design performance as well as remarkable, long-lasting reliability.