LED 40

LED28, 40, 60 and 120 makes up a family linear profiles handmade of wood in a variety of finishes: Ash, Oak, Walnut, Black stained, and White stained. This series merges functional lighting with organic materials, bringing new meaning to “natural light”. Wood is elected for its many ecological qualities. In addition to its insulating and acoustic benefits, wood has a lower carbon footprint. LED40 is the 1 ½” cross section available in lengths up to 63” for surface and suspension mount, with color temperatures 2700°K, 3000°K, and 4000°K. The profiles can be attached to each other to create unique configurations. Pre-designed T, L, 4 and Crossed configurations are standard options. Desk lamp with integrated charging plate is also a part of this family. LED40 is ideal for libraries, concert halls, and office spaces where sound dampening is needed.